We help Businesses through Turnarounds and Where to Turn Next

The Great Recession hit businesses hard. Many companies are now evaluating how best to move forward, looking for financing, seeking new management teams, and considering shutting down certain operations or locations.

But turning a company around demands a different way of thinking and a unique set of skills. We’ve helped many companies just like yours solve real problems.

You don’t need theory. You need practical answers to these common business turnaround questions:

  • What areas should I contract or expand?
  • What facilities should I close, or consolidate?
  • What should my footprint look like?
  • What about existing staff?
  • What are the costs?
  • How do I rationalize my product offering?
  • What kind of legal advice do I need?
  • How do I reduce debt and negotiate new terms?
  • What high-level employees do I bring in?
  • What is the “right-size”of my business?
  • How do I deploy my strategic plan within the organization?

Impact North Consulting – Turnarounds

We’ll enable you to discover ways to reorganize that core and get you back on track.

Turning around a company is work and requires substantial analysis and tough decision-making. It also requires interpersonal persuasion. You have many key people to convince. You need to have precise data, a clear line-of-site, and the drive and resources to execute. That’s what we do. Our clients say that turning a company around is one of the most difficult and personally rewarding experiences they’ve faced in life.

CONTACT US about your situation and find out more. There’s no cost or obligation to inquire.

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