Business Startup? We’ll Help You Make It Happen

Starting a business or investing in a new business venture with partners is never a decision to be taken lightly. It’s an incredible undertaking, filled with opportunities and risks.

Our in-depth sense of business development, financial analysis, and organizational structuring and development is key.

Seeking outside professional advice and planning strategically is a must. It’s a project that can grow quickly and you may find your financial and time estimates falling short if not properly analyzed. Often times this can lead to business failure at a high personal cost of time, effort and lost fortunes. We can help you plan wisely.

Business Consultation, Impact North, Executive Management, Interim Management, Acquisitions and Mergers, Impact North Business Consulting,, Business Planning, Feasibility Analysis, Startup BusinessesHere are just a few things to consider:

  • How do I develop a solid business plan?
  • What is my target market and distribution channels?
  • Where do I get the funding?
  • What should be my sales expectations?
  • What is my break-even point?
  • Who do I recruit as my management team?
  • How did I evaluate overall talent?
  • What will my cost structure look like?
  • Should I buy, lease or rent?
  • What is realistic?
  • What outside professionals do I need to retain?

CONTACT US and find out more about how to plan your expectations through our insight and vast experience with startup businesses.

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