Executive Interim Management

Executive Interim Management for when you need Transitional Management

Impact North provides results-driven, seasoned and proven experience at the CEO, CFO, President, and other executive management levels, during periods of transition.

Contracts are typically signed for periods ranging from several months for up to two years during:

  • The termination of a CEO, CFO, or other executive management member.
  • The retirement of a senior officer, until a successor is named.
  • An acquisition.
  • An original restructuring.
  • The turnaround of an existing operation.

Impact North demonstrates effective, operational leadership of enterprises and management teams. We bring years of experience in working with Boards of Directors, ownership, outside professionals (legal, accounting, banking, technology, industry experts), and all levels of staff within an organization. We incorporate refined vision, communication, and problem-solving skills to maintain cooperative working relationships with diverse peers, clients, and ownership.

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