Helping You Figure Out the Best Time to Sell Your Business

J.P. Morgan said, “I made all my money by selling early.”

The decision to divest can be complicated and is often emotional. After all, there are reasons why you want to sell. And a reason you may want to hold.

We’ll advise you on what options exist, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. And we will manage your business, or an aspect thereof, through the transition.

There are many issues to consider. Perhaps you’d like to remain on-board in some capacity, or could further profit from divesting more slowly, a piece at a time.

Impact North provides many of the same services for divesting of a business as it does for acquiring a business. Services include:

  • Identify potential suitors
  • Prepare Offer Books
  • Provide Interim Leadership
  • Provide Integration Project Management
  • Analyze assets and inventory for marketability and obsolescence
  • Transition Management

There are many solutions. We can help you ask, and answer, the correct questions.

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