What Differentiates Impact North?

We are a true “full service” consulting firm, with an all-inclusive array of service offerings.

We fully embed ourselves inside the company, and work both “on” and “in” the company.

We will provide a measurable return on your investment.

Experience, Vision & Success

Our in-depth, extensive consulting experience, across a broad variety of industry over 20 years, provides diversity and the know-how to guide business. We incorporate refined vision and problem-solving methodologies into every business undertaking.

Innovation, initiative, a solid strategic plan and driven execution comprise the cutting-edge of what makes our business drive change into your business. We will get answers to your questions and execute successful solutions.

The success speaks for itself.

Superior client performance is our ultimate goal.

Change For The Sake of Results

Impact North is a full-service consulting firm, offering an array of professional solutions to businesses just like yours.

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